26 Aug

Come and See

Just bought the DVD of “Come and See” which is the most terrifying and best war movie I’ve ever seen. It’s so mind bogglingly great and horrifying that one critic said it “makes the Deer Hunter seem like The Green Berets”. This is true. Imagine the most terrifying scenes in The Deer Hunter magnified about fifty times and you get this Russian film about the Nazis invading Russia. I have only seen this movie once and then by accident just flipping through te channels years ago and I have never been able to forget it. It’s shot in this way that makes it like a terrible dream you can’t escape. Why would I want to see it again? Because it’s amazing, artistic and jaw dropping. My friend Dan Leo says he owns it but has to get up the courage to watch it again. I feel the same way. But anything that amazing …well you just have to do it. Check it out. Not available on Netflix. Def not for kids under sixteen. This is a horror movie without ghosts werewolves or vampires. Only people. If anyone else has seen it on here love to hear your thoughts.