14 Aug

On Writing

Good night folks. Wrote five hours today and have had to slashand cut endless tough guy dialogue and add-dig this- rationality and humanity to an otherwise well written script. Like every gig I’ve ever had i start with the idea of changng just a few things, but soon see so many oppurtunities to make it better I just gotta do it. Are you reading Rick? Anyway, after that I watched an episode of Broadchurch which was a lot of fun. The rid is being ripped off the quaint town by the sea. All we need now is Dorothy Malone and Richard Eder. Then still wired from writing I watched one more ep of The Bridge, which has so many plots I’m not sure I quite get it. Plus, it has the usual crazy genius serial killer calling in to explain why he kills and how dumb the cops are. This got old after Hannibal but really goes all the way back to the 30’s in the Clutching Hand, a madman killer who called and laughed in a snidely whiplash way at the detectives. “You fools you’ll never stop me….” They can jive it all up with computers but in the end having a dude who sounds like the Devil is the trope that wouldnt die. hahahha…You fools! I’m going to bed and dream dream of sex that wouldnt die. Several of you may be in it, but don’t blame me. Like Jimmy Clanton said: “It’s just a dream.”