28 Oct

Bill Harrison

My friend Bill Harrison the great novelist and wonderful teacher, the co-founder of the University of Arkansas’ Writing Workshop (along with James Whitehead) died tonight at 10:20. I will write a more full account of our forty six year friendship sometime later this week. Bill was like a big brother to me, saved my career, [...]

27 Aug

The Miley Cyrus Lecture

Ok, After waking up, making a banana and strawberry smoothie I started my day by watching the Miley Cyrus Video. My first thought is she’s saying “I might still be associated with teddy bears and sweet little kiddie things but underneath them are sexy black men who I am now fucking night and day. Or [...]

26 Aug

Come and See

Just bought the DVD of “Come and See” which is the most terrifying and best war movie I’ve ever seen. It’s so mind bogglingly great and horrifying that one critic said it “makes the Deer Hunter seem like The Green Berets”. This is true. Imagine the most terrifying scenes in The Deer Hunter magnified about [...]

25 Aug

Breaking Bad

Well, tonight’s episode of Breaking Bad was one of the best ever…I mean from a story pov…It wasn’t action packed but Walter White’s “confession” was such a stunning piece of business I just started laughing out loud. Having written a few of these things I usually can see what’s coming but this floored me. Absolutely [...]

23 Aug

Dean Meminger

My pal Dean “The Dream” Meminger who I played basketball with three days a week at the YMHA on the Upper East Side of New York died today. He was an All American at Marquette, a great defensive specialist on the World Champion Knicks. We played in a morning game at the Y and often [...]

20 Aug

Elmore Leonard

Just heard that Elmore Leonard died. He was one of my favorite writers and his dialogue influenced me when I went to work on Hill Street. The terseness, the irony, the way he caught a character in one sentence or gesture. Not to mention the humor. I discovered him when I was a journalist in [...]

14 Aug

On Writing

Good night folks. Wrote five hours today and have had to slashand cut endless tough guy dialogue and add-dig this- rationality and humanity to an otherwise well written script. Like every gig I’ve ever had i start with the idea of changng just a few things, but soon see so many oppurtunities to make it [...]

12 Aug

Paul McCartney

Went up to San Fransisco this weekend to see the O’s play the Giants. Happily, O’s won two of three, but this conversation I had in the hotel bar trumps the games. Indeed, (and I’m not kidding) this is the most surprising conversation I have ever had with a stranger (or for that matter practically [...]